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We would all like to find the magic pill that allows us to eat what we want without ever having to think about our weight again. Unfortunately, that is not our reality.

The intent of The 48-Hour Pouch Reset is for you to see that your pouch STILL provides resistance when you choose the right foods. The chicken used for the pouch test is not magic…

You can do this! We are here to help.

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1. Can I have vegetables or sauce with my chicken?

NO, please read EVERYTHING again as you are missing the point. This isn’t supposed to be a ‘fun meal’ or a ‘delicious meal’, you are supposed to sit alone and THINK while you eat moist solid protein to FEEL the restriction in an attempt to IDENTIFY the resistance you have been ignoring. It’s meant to be a few minutes of serious self awareness.

IF you cannot eat chicken, you can skip this part and go directly to The Inspire Diet, AS YOU ALREADY KNOW YOU HAVE POUCH RESISTANCE AND RESTRICTION. Congratulations, your pouch works!

2. What if I can't eat the chicken?

4. Whew! I finally got all that chicken down, but it took me almost an hour. Now what?

Again, you have missed the point of the test and reset. The idea is NOT to sit there and power through and consume all the chicken no matter how long it takes, you are supposed to sit and think while you eat and STOP when you begin to feel as if you don’t really want any more. Start over and try it again.

You need to choose a firm or solid protein source such as Boca Burgers, grilled Tempeh, firm Tofu, or an Omelet instead. Everything else is the same.

3. I'm a vegetarian/vegan, what should I eat instead of chicken?

“I am 10 years post RNY, can eat anything and have gained 35 pounds! Help? After my Pouch Reset, I couldn’t even eat half of my chicken. I jumped on The Inspire Diet to get back on track and have lost eight pounds in two weeks!”


“I’m 3 years out and had a 30 pound gain. I did the 48 Hour Pouch Reset and then have been doing 4 Inspire shakes and 2 high protein meals for a month on The Inspire Diet. I’m down 15 pounds. This is an awesome group!”




“The Pouch Reset showed me my tool still worked ... it was me who was not putting in the effort.” 


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The Pouch Reset renews confidence that the tool provided by surgery can still allow you to control hunger, volume, and your weight with meals centered around protein and rounded out with healthy plant-based carbs.

It’s been there all along. All you need is to reconnect your brain with your pouch and its fullness cues.

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your pouch?

We know what it feels like to fear surgery has failed you -- or that you failed it. The 48-Hour Pouch Reset has helped thousands of post ops just like you confirm once and for all whether their pouch still works. It’s been proven as the best and fastest way to clear out bad food choices and get back the restriction you feared might be gone for good. 

Reset your pouch in just 48 hours

“For one, The Pouch Reset is a carb craving crusher, which is the key to success.”