You might recognize that old Believe bottle. We've brought it back with a fresh new look – in a convenient and lighter can. Same delicious flavor!

Out with the old & in with the new!

Our most popular protein drink will help you lose more weight, faster.


Smooth Coffee & Chocolate flavor

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Stock up the fridge – we KNOW you're going to LOVE Believe!

The protein you'll LOVE to drink

Grab a cold can and head out the door!

One can contains more than HALF your daily calcium!

Our most popular flavor to help you lose more weight, faster.

If you love chocolate & coffee,   you'll be a fan of the smooth mocha latte flavor – chilled from the can or poured over ice. 

Believe was our best seller for years – because it tastes good! It's not a thick 'bodybuilder' drink – it's light and smooth, with no aftertaste.

A light delicious latte with 17 grams of protein!


Mocha Latte is my favorite, it's hard to not chug it. I love the convenience of grab and go. I drank at least a case every week.

You can't go wrong with this, so definitely give it a try!


The best protein drink on the market and I have tried them all! NO aftertaste, feels like you are cheating but you are not! 

I had one every morning for breakfast for years.

Whether or not you've tried it before – we know you're going to love the new Believe! 

Bliss in a can that's good for you!

#1 Coffee Protein Drink

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Try me poured over ice for an extra refreshing smooth taste!

Order now, Pay later!


Order now, Pay later!