Gaining weight after Bariatric Surgery can be humiliating

But what’s even worse is the sense of hopelessness. If the most drastic of weight-loss options doesn’t work, what do you have left? 

We’re here to bring you hope. You aren’t alone. 

We’ve been right where you are and though we’ve come out the other side and are now sporting skinny jeans, we haven’t forgotten those feelings of desperation and degradation. 

It feels like one more failure after years of failing at losing weight and keeping it off.

The Inspire Diet is the only plan proven to beat Bariatric Regain

“I thought more surgery would be the only way I lose so much weight. Then I found the Inspire Diet and my life turned around. Now I’m honored to be on the team, encouraging others just like me who thought losing regain was impossible.”

Anne is one of them. She’s lost almost 90 pounds of REGAIN in just 8 months.

Can you imagine eating delicious meals like this and still losing?

Sheet Pan Fajitas

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Burger Plates

Fried Cauli'Rice'

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The Best Meatloaf

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Bariatric Regain is Real...

The Inspire Diet is a tried-and-true formula of Inspire Protein meals, protein-rich recipes and 24/7 Facebook support that offers you all the tools you need to succeed at beating REGAIN once and for all.

We beat it with The Inspire Diet!

All you need to do is follow our step-by-step plan, and you’ll find your way to your target weight.

Inspire Cafe Bella Protein Drink 



Choc-A-Lot Protein Bar


Inspire Bone Broth


Inspire Protein Kitchen Chilli


Inspire PB Cup Protein Drink


Recipe: BBQ Chicken and Salad

Remember what life was like right after surgery, when the weight dropped so fast, you could barely keep your pants up?

Losing Regain is even more satisfying. 

Realizing that surgery is a tool that you can control by making the right food choices puts you in the driver’s seat. It’s not the surgeon doing the work or some mysterious medical miracle, this time it’s YOU.

No matter what procedure you had, or how long it’s been since you have regained your weight...

We have members just like you who are now at their goal weight and loving life.

We know it works because it’s worked for us.

A product line created by a bariatric post-op specifically for the post-op palate.

Eat like this!

Hundreds of thousands of pounds lost with The Inspire Diet!

Thousands of people have successfully used The Inspire Diet

Now we want to watch it work for YOU!

The key to the Inspire Diet?

Ready to join Anne?

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I am one of those people who believed all hope was gone. I had 120 pounds of regain... but since starting back on track, 80 pounds of that regain is now gone. I have had slips, but I go right back to the plan. Bad carbs and lack of good solid information sent me to a bad place. 

I am proof that this plan works.

It is possible!

Order now, Pay later!

Order now, Pay later!

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We should know. We created it based on our success and the success of those who have followed in our footsteps.

We have an entire community of people just like who you have either lost their Regain with the Inspire Diet or are on the path to losing right now. 

But more than that, we have a team of successful post-ops ready to support your success every step of the way.

The Inspire Diet offers real help.

Choose your favourites from our huge range of delicious Protein flavours & Hot Meals!

Beat Regain

...once and for all!


Journey Slimming Jellies to keep cravings at bay 

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Follow our proven plan for two weeks, reignite your motivation & lose weight fast! Everything arrives on schedule so no more starts, stops or excuses.

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LIMITED TIME ADDITION: Journey Slimming Jellies
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ACCESSORIES: The popular Inspire Diet Bariatric Portion Plate & other Diet Aids to choose from!

LIMITED TIME ADDITION: Journey Slimming Jellies the extra ammunition to win the war on weight loss!

Beat regain with the

Get the results you want!


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Suzanne Shaw

Chief Admin 

My LapBand eroded after 6 years and I had a total In 2014, I had a gastric bypass and lost 200 lbs again. 


With The Inspire Diet, I lost 35 lbs of REGAIN PLUS AN EXTRA 17. I have transformed in so many ways! I help others just like YOU in our Facebook group every day.


After losing 308 lbs, I regained 139 and felt hopeless. I found The Inspire Diet and lost over 150 pounds.

REAL Expert Support from people who have had regain!


Cert Nutritionist & Chief Admin

Sleeve & then a Gastric Bypass conversion due to reflux. I've lost over 250 lbs & maintained it the past 4 years. Wherever you're at in your journey, I’m here to help you achieve those goals! 


I had TOTAL REGAIN from my 2009 Lap Band. Without a revision, I used The Inspire Diet to lose 100 lbs and drop BELOW goal.

Includes the 48 Hour Pouch Reset & Daily Tracker Diary!


Order now, Pay later!

Food arrives on schedule so no more starts, stops or excuses!