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Support your dental health after bariatric surgery and prevent teeth loss with these 3 simple steps


  • Improvement in colitis symptoms
  • Anti-inflammatory activity demonstrated in the GI tract
  • Protection from liver damage and maintenance of a healthier stomach wall

“I've only been taking 1 week, and I can sleep through the night because my left shoulder isn't throbbing all night for a change. ”

Tracey Ward

“They are amazing. Been taking for a month and I can do so much more pain free. ” 

Angela Watson Willaby

Michelle Larson

“I have been using Journey Sea for a little over a week and I already feel the difference. I actually went for a walk tonight with my husband & I didn't have any pain. ”

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Use as directed. Do not exceed recommended dose. If pregnant, lactating, taking prescription medication or if you have an immune-compromised condition, seek your Physician’s advice before use. If problems arise see your healthcare professional.

Phyterol™ is a marine phytoplankton extract that is bursting with trace minerals and nutrients needed to sustain life at the cellular level. The nano-sized particles are easily absorbed by the human body for immediate use. 

What is Phyterol™?

What is AES™ - Assimilation Enhancement System?

The patented AES™ blend includes probiotics and enzymes designed to break down or digest nutrients more effectively so they can be absorbed faster and more completely into the blood stream. 

What is Turmeric / Curcumin 95%?

Curcumin is the potent anti-inflammatory agent that’s put turmeric on the map as a super-food. 

Curcumin’s lipoxygenase-inhibiting and COX-2-inhibiting properties make it a natural, non-toxic pain fighter. 

Research shows its effects similar to NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) without the documented stomach upset and long-term liver and kidney damage. 

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Recommended for ages 3 and over. Keep out of reach of children unless under adult supervision.
No refrigeration needed. Store in a cool (<77°F), dry place and out of sunlight.




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Bad knees? Swollen joints?

Journey Sea reduces inflammation to ease swelling, pain and stiffness. Ideal for inflammatory pain throughout the body – hands, neck, back, hips, feet and digestive tract. 


How Journey Sea Works

Morbid obesity stresses and inflames the entire body. Excess weight is often unevenly distributed – either around the midsection or in the hip and thigh region. This throws the body off balance and increases wear-and-tear on the joints. For many, joint pain, inflammation and swelling can linger for years – even after dropping 50 pounds, 100 pounds or more. Though the weight is gone, the pain and discomfort stays. 

With daily use, Journey Sea provides long-lasting relief from flare-ups and stiffness, while improving overall joint health, flexibility and mobility. 

Journey Sea delivers a proprietary combination of Phyterol™ Marine Minerals and Turmeric/Curcumin 95% via a unique AES® Assimilation Enhancing System for increased bariatric absorption. 

Peer-reviewed research has identified these ingredients as providing therapeutic benefits in the areas of:


  • Preservation of bone structure and strength
  • Inhibition of bone mineral density loss
  • Aids the mineralization and maturation of bone cells 


  • Proven anti-inflammatory activity 
  • Pain and stiffness reduction for sufferers of osteoarthritis 
  • Ability for sufferers of osteoarthritis to reduce NSAID use by up to 50% 

I can't believe after 5 days, I'm seeing results.

Carolyn Bell Zollo


Finally, your post-op body can keep up with your new post-op lifestyle! 


“Taking these for about 3 weeks now. Feeling tremendous relief in my back and some relief in my knees. Plan to continue using, easy to swallow and no adverse side effects. I take 2 in the AM. ”

Robin Berg

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$39.99 for 120 Soft Capsules


May reduce NSAID use by up to 50%
Reduce pain & stiffness from osteoarthritis
Ease gastric inflammation 

Journey Sea reduces inflammation to ease swelling, pain and stiffness. Ideal for inflammatory pain throughout the body – hands, neck, back, hips, feet and digestive tract.

Bad knees? Swollen joints?