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Convenient Capsules

Taking separate multi, iron, B12, calcium, D and B complex after bariatric surgery is a hassle, but very bad things can and do happen to those who don't take their vitamins or those who take nothing at all. We've put the right forms of everything you need *in one bottle* and they even taste good. It's Genius meets Science.

Three exceptional formulas offer you great taste & convenience


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Get All Your Vitamins After Bariatric Surgery In ONE Bottle.

loss of teeth
bone fractures
IV iron infusions

Journey supplements will help you avoid these bariatric realities

Why Journey?

Really good tasting tangerine & berry tabs for immediately after surgery, capsules for later.

Specialized forms of Albion® 'Super' Calcium & 'Gentle' Iron that don't fight each other.  No '2 hour rule'.

All-in-One formulations increase compliance. Without a doubt the best bariatric multi!

Losing weight is great, but it's really about gaining health

David Ginsburg 
We got ours and I had to stop myself from taking double because they tasted so good!
Alison Garcia 
The new formula is amazing! A sweet taste reminiscent of a creamsicle! I look forward to them. No more forgetting or missing something. Everything I need in one tablet...  calcium, B's and even iron! .
Jona Wolfe   
Are you sure these are vitamins? Omg! Best tasting vitamins ever!!! I vowed to never leave the 3+3 capsules but I’m breaking my vow. Amazeballs!
CrisAnn McGuiness 
In October I was rushed by ambulance to the ER. The ER doc said with my hemoglobin level at a 4, I should have been dead - I was in ICU getting blood and iron transfusions for 10 days. In the hospital I ordered Journey 3+3 I started taking them. My blood was drawn by my hematologist in January and thanks to the vitamins I ordered, my level is at a 15. She is so impressed and I can finally say I'm alive and not afraid of dying in my sleep or fainting. 
Claudia Hinson 
I'm in love with my vitamins! It may sound silly but I am super excited. It's hard to believe they are actually vitamins and are good for us. They taste like candy! I will definitely keep on schedule with taking my yummy vitamins. 
Nikki Quinn 
I am 12 years out and have tried every bariatric vitamin and protein shake on the market and the way Journey 3+3’s & Inspire make me feel and the way Hair Balance has made my hair grow, I wouldn’t care if I had to drive to Timbuktu to get them myself.
Traecy McDuffie 
The Journey 3+3 continues to be the best thing going!! I have never been this long without an iron infusion. I used to get them every 6 weeks, I'm approaching 6 months. My hemoglobin was 11.5 in November and is 11.4 today.