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The most successful group & website for bariatric weight loss on the planet. There’s not a single doctors program, hospital plan or anyone out there who has achieved as much success as Bariatric Eating and our Inspire Diet.


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You'll love our new Support Group!

Come in, close the door, sip an Inspire Chai, introduce yourself and we can talk about how you can start to lose weight again... 

What you get when you join our private Premium Support Group for just $5 per month

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(Aside from the awesome support!)

Our recipes have been developed by Susan Maria Leach, who had bariatric surgery in 2001 and still loves to eat good food.

Her best selling book, Before & After, was published shortly after and nominated for three international culinary awards.

She will guide you to real food, that tastes great - it’s the help that you've been looking for. Come cook with us! You're going to LOVE the food we eat!

Guided Bariatric
Weight Loss Program

We have 20+ years experience helping Bariatric post ops lose the Regain.

This is it! The help you've been hoping for – you deserve to feel successful again & we know that you can!

(All without interruptions of timelines, nosey relatives, news feeds, pictures of casseroles and accident videos. Ahhhhh… calm.)


Anne lost almost 90 pounds of REGAIN in just 8 months. 

“I thought more surgery would be the only way I lose so much weight. Then I found the Inspire Diet and my life turned around. Now I’m honored to be on the team, encouraging others just like me who thought losing regain was impossible.”

Ready to join Anne?

Delicious recipes & WLS friendly food ideas

Everything from cooking tutorials & easy plates, to cocktail & party foods.

$10 OFF every Month for Inspire & Journey products!

Why a new Support Group?

A safe place to participate & feel good!

Facebook has become too rude, political and distracting. Toxic! That's why we are thrilled to provide this new group – a supportive environment where you can easily get help losing weight without the distractions of social media.

This positive space means we don't have to deal with people that are not doing the work or who want to argue that cream cheese and "Everything in Moderation" is a way of life after obesity surgery ... which means we can spend more time helping YOU reach YOUR health and weight loss goals!


Advice & Pro Tips

Now is the time to be honest with yourself, stop making excuses & start making progress.

Educate yourself - you know that protein is important but we dig deeper so you can understand why cheese isn't a good protein source because of all that fat. 

We’ll give you more than lip service that's “it’s ok, you are only human”.

We’ve got a real Bariatric Education for you, by Post-Ops, for Post-Ops and our moderators include Nutritionists and Nurses, so we’re educated beyond just experience.

We host a monthly challenge that comes with with daily hard hitting advice and knowledge to keep you focused.

It will help your mindset grow stronger and change your habits as you work on your weight loss goals.

Challenges & Daily Accountability

That extra push you need to propel you on your journey!

Naturopathic Physician

A whole new angle to guide you through post-op life.

Do you feel abandoned by your Surgeon and Team? Dr Andrew Myers, a naturopathic physician whose expertise is in holistic medicine and therapeutic nutrition is one of our closest advisors.

He's poised to help guide us all through life after bariatric surgery in a new way that will make sense to you.

Susan Maria Leach

Our no-nonsense leader, Founder of Bariatric Eating, author of Before & After. 

After 15 years post-RNY, I created The Inspire Diet to lose my own 58 lbs of regain. 

Suzanne Shaw

Chief Admin 

My LapBand eroded after 6 years and I had a total regain...plus. In 2014, I had a gastric bypass and lost 200 lbs again. 


I had TOTAL REGAIN from my 2009 Lap Band. Without a revision, I used The Inspire Diet to lose 100 lbs and drop BELOW goal.


With The Inspire Diet, I lost 35 lbs of REGAIN PLUS AN EXTRA 17. I have transformed in so many ways! I help others just like YOU in our Facebook group every day.


Cert Nutritionist & Chief Admin

Sleeve & then a Gastric Bypass conversion due to reflux. I've lost over 250 lbs & maintained it the past 4 years. Wherever you're at in your journey, I’m here to help you achieve those goals! 


After losing 308 lbs, I regained 139 and felt hopeless. I found The Inspire Diet and lost over 150 pounds.

REAL Expert Support from people who have had regain!

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